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Est: 2014

ΛnBro Capital Investments is a boutique South African asset management business that aims to assist its clients by managing the long-term portion of their assets committed to equities and growth in their overall allocation model.

The ANBRO BCI UNICORN GLOBAL GROWTH FUND is a diverse investment portfolio investing in visionaries, disruptors, and leaders with demonstrable skills. It’s made up of high-quality growth companies that are mostly smaller by nature (market cap of below $25 bn), have larger growth opportunities, and long runways to grow at above-average rates for many.

We invest in people that are changing the world for the better and we win when they win. Our wealth is aligned with their wealth.

Growth Equity, Property Equity, High Income Equity

Intro to the AnBro Team

Describe the AnBro range of funds

Where does AnBro’s interest in the emerging global tech come from

Type of clients best suited to the Unicorn Fund

Define Large Cap Growth strategy

Define AnBro Regulation 28 Portfolio

Offshore Property Portfolio (USD)

Intro to the Firm and their services

Describe the Unicorn Portfolio

Benefits of a global growth portfolio in retirement focussed products

What is the definition of a model portfolio

What is an Exchange Traded Note

Offshore High Income (USD)

Unicorn USD International Portfolio

What is Anbro’s DNA

How AnBro portfolios be accessed

Why AnBro launched the Unicorn Fund

What is Reg28 and why is it important for investors

SA Equity Growth Portfolio

Offshore Growth Portfolio (USD)

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