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Est: 2013

Ashburton Investments is an investment manager fully invested in meeting client needs more effectively. By providing investors with access to more sources of return and a strict focus on managing risk, we are able to generate sustainable risk adjusted returns for our clients.

As part of the First Rand group, we tap into the capabilities of the broader group to provide a range of investment opportunities that are not typically accessible to investors.

By partnering with us, investors have access to an investment manager with the backing of a large parent company, innovative investment solutions and a long track record of excellence.

Fixed Income, Money Market, Global Equity, ETFs, Multi Asset, Structured Products

Introduction to Kathy Davey (PM)


Portfolio construction

Investment strategy

Stock selection

Analysing stocks in a portfolio

Why invest in defensive stocks

Sector allocation

Ashburton Investments – Mega-Cap Companies – BLACK ONYX

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