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Est: 2001

Flagship Asset Management is a complete boutique asset manager for established South Africans who want to grow, preserve and protect their investments.

Through focus and expertise, we have the ability to grow your assets and take advantage of opportunities for you, no matter where in the world we may find them.

OUR MISSION is to be the navigators and global authority of your complete investment future, wherever it may lead.

Global Flexible, Global Equity, Fund of Funds

Introduction to Pieter Hundersmarck (PM)

Flagship’s definition
of a flexible fund

Active vs passive
asset management

How you find high quality

What Flagship responded to the Covid market crash

Introduction to Flagship Asset Management

Flagship’s definition of a global
equity fund

Introduction to Kyle Wales (PM)

How you determine fair
value of a businesses

Flagship’s definition of a fund
of funds

Firms’ approach to global

How the Worldwide Flexible Fund
is managed

Why high-quality businesses outperform over the long term

Describe the FANGS

What’s unique about the Flagship fund of funds

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