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Est: 2007

Laurium Capital is an independently owned asset manager. Started by Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg, who remain the majority shareholders and portfolio managers across all funds.
The team has grown, boasting highly experienced investment professionals and a skilled operations team. The business has a diversified asset base, with both hedge and long-only funds in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The client base is also well diversified across high net worth individuals, institutions and retail investors.

General Equity, Balanced, Flexible, Long Short Hedge, Market Neutral Hedge.

Introduction to the Firm and Brian Thomas (PM)

Introduction to the manager and the firm

Hedge fund definition
and myths

Tools to create a hedge fund strategy

What is a multi-asset high equity fund?

How the funds differ and how to access them

Introduction to the COO
and firm

Laurium Capital – Part 3 – How do you access your fund

Murray Winckler – Laurium Capital – SA Alpha

Risk, liquidity and returns for multi-asset

Strategies included in Laurium’ s offshore exposure

What is a

The real dynamic of the SA Market and natural diversification of companies

What is a multi-asset income

What is an SA multi-asset
fund ?

Why ESG is important & how companies should be held responsible to do the right thing

Importance of
giving back

Introduction to Firm and Dwayne Dippenaar (PM)

Longer term horizons bring the best returns

Why hedge funds assets small relative to their peers

Are hedge funds transparent enough?

The Multi Asset Prescient Income Fund

Why Africa (excl RSA) is an investable jurisdiction?

Expected returns and challenges from Africa (excl RSA)

Describe the Regulatory Environment (for Hedge Funds)

How Do You Access Your Funds? | Boutique Asset Management

How Is Your Fund Different? Murray Winckler – Laurium Capital

Who are multi-asset funds appropriate for?

Approach to multi-asset

Investment opportunities within companies with domestic interests (Libstar)

What is a low

What is a general equity

Intergrating ESG principles into the investment process
ESG Thesis

Deciding on which
to support

What is an Equity

Thinking about risks

Investors types suited for hedge funds

What will enable the hedge fund industry to grow?

Introduction to JP Du Plessis and the Firm

Risks Liquidity & Returns-Making Sure Volatility is Controlled Using Sizing

Risk of investing
in Africa

How one can invest in a
hedge fund

Mark Preston – Laurium Capital – Full Interview by BLACK ONYX

How this multi-asset fund differs from its peers

Multi-asset investment

Drivers in the multi-asset

The denerding of the skills
base in
South Africa

Introduction to the Firm
Craig Sorour (PM)

Managers Responsibilities in ESG Principles

ESG factors to consider when investing, campaignes run by Laurium

Ray of Hope

Equity fund’s investment

Introduction to Kim Zietsman and the Firm

Introduction to the Firm and Mark Preston (COO)

Reg 28 retirements funds benefit from hedge funds

What is a Multi-Asset Income

Introduction to Paul Robinson and the Firm

Visible opportunities
in Africa

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